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P[e]NORAMA | Decoded


Posted in MuZings, Poetry and Verses on Feb 26, 2009 with 1,337 views



Fill the sheet.


I read the words

But find no message:


I see only the misplaced question marks

And the oversized period.



I read not the words

But the gaps between them


Mirroring how

You stare at me sometimes:


Blank, yet undevoid of meaning.

Full in its emptiness.



Finally, I understand

What you’re trying to tell me:


You’re still here

But already gone.


I stare stupidly at the question marks

And curse the period.



Sherma E. Benosa

February 26, 2009; 8:45am


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11 Responses to “ Decoded ”

  1. # 1 nyanya Says:

    hey..uuy, buti ka pa may nasulat na…ako wala pa!!!! musta ang entry mo pra sa contest???? keep in touch! bisita ka uli dito!!!!!:)

    nyanya’s last blog post..treading the waters

  2. # 2 nyanya Says:

    on decoded: happens a lot…you endure bleeding neurons and huge amount of time, trying to think of something to put on that blank page. The insertion key perpetually blinking at you, while you stare at it….

    nyanya’s last blog post..treading the waters

  3. # 3 nyanya Says:

    i missed half of my life for missing taboan…

    sabihan mo ko next time!

    nyanya’s last blog post..treading the waters

  4. # 4 Marian Rivera on Chizmosa Lounge Says:

    tagal ko ata hinde na drop-by dito, anyway hope you’re having a good time. hmm meron pla contest… check ko ;)


    Marian Rivera on Chizmosa Lounge’s last blog post..Dra. Vicki Belo versus Boy Abunda; Round 1 of intrigue

  5. # 5 brainteaser Says:

    Hi Nya Nya! I’m so happy to have met you in person. And hey, I am so happy for you — you’re one courageous young lady for taking the plunge. I know a lot who are so afraid to pursue their dreams. Good luck.

    And thanks. Baka punta ako diyan tom. :-)


    Hey Chiz! Musta na girl? Hehehee. Aba, at may MR ka pa sa name mo, hehee. How are you na? I am seeing more time for blogging in the near future! Yipeee!

  6. # 6 Robin Easton Says:

    Oh beautiful Sherma, It is so good to be back here to visit you. I have been reading some of your new poems and they are so heartfelt and raw. I’ve often wondered where you learned to write so well. Or if it is just some innate, which would surprise me. This is so beautiful this poem, I’m yet fully sure why it brought tears to my eyes but it did, and I like that.

    I also was reading you words in the quote section of your side bar. I could not stop reading. They are phenomenal. They are THE strongest collection of quotes I have EVER read. I want to frame them and put them on my wall to be reminded of Life’s truths. Have you ever thought of putting them all in a book with photos or drawings and selling them. You could even have it an eBook and sell it online where people could down load it. OR make a meditation slide show with them that people could pay for online and down load. They are ABSOLUTELY brilliant.

    Also, never worry if you are busy and don’t visit. We are always connected and always will be. It’s just WHO we are. I feel a great kinship with you. You are a very remarkable, unique and rare person. Always remember that and know that you are love by me and many others. If someone chooses not to love you it is their loss, their GREAT loss and very tragic as they are not ready to see the greatness in you or themselves. But you my dear dear friend are truly GREAT. Love, Robin

  7. # 7 eli Says:

    hi gayyem, i commend you for this beautiful poem. keep on writing. :lol:
    eli’s last blog post..kapitan pinoy

  8. # 8 VF Says:


    YY10ka is the encode
    of the world I sought
    When things get wrought
    YY10ka is the encoded word.

  9. # 9 gmac Says:

    why is it always to be cursing periods. hahahaha.
    hello my friend! musta na po. its been a while.

    gmac’s last blog post..venture part 1

  10. # 10 Tom Says:

    Rapturous. :)

    Tom’s last blog post..Virtual Friends with Benefits

  11. # 11 brainteaser Says:

    Hello Robin! How are you? Again, your words go straight to my heart. I am so speechless at the moment.

    I have collected some of my quotes and inspirational essays before had it bound. Gave it as a gift to my dad.


    Hiya Tom. Howdy, friendster?


    GMAC… Dunno, hehehe. I think it just happens, that when we are not ready to end something, we feel bad about having to put a period to it. ;-)


    Hiya VF! Ehehehehehehe! Got the encoded message, Buddy. ;-) yy10kam8. ehehehhe!


    Eli! Thank you, gayyem. Kumusta na?

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